News Use Case


Your viewers depend on you. You can depend on Chyron

Your viewers rely on you for the stories that matter. Producing compelling content quickly has never been more important. With the rise of digital, there is more competition for viewership, yet it remains essential to streamline costs. Engaged viewers keep ratings high and advertisers happy. We are here to back you up, every step of the way.

  • 1

    traditional, IP and remote workflows
    compatible with your favorite NRCS
    50-plus years of industry success

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    follow-the-sun support
    robust development
    high-end design features
    powerful data integration

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    easy reskinning
    automation control
    and more!

News Use Case

Key Features

  • Powerful NRCS - MOS Integration

    CAMIO streamlines the news workflow, with a plugin adaptable to any major NRCS, allowing journalists to simply browse and fulfill PRIME graphics, Weather, Virtual Set/AR templates for any story in the news rundown. CAMIO also offers an NLE plugin, so editors can use templates from your existing graphics packages for seamless branding.

  • Graphics Bring Stories to Life

    The PRIME Platform offers an unrivaled graphics creation and playout feature set. But, with PRIME, visuals aren’t just limited to graphic overlays. PRIME can populate your studio’s Video Walls, function as a clip server, be used with a Touchscreen application, and drive AR elements. And of course, PRIME graphics can integrate with any data source, making your presentations truly dynamic.

  • The Production Switcher for Your Production Blueprint

    A module of the PRIME Platform, PRIME Switcher combines a software-based 2ME production switcher with PRIME CG, Clips, and a brand-new multichannel audio mixer - for a complete all-in-one production package. PRIME Switcher is the perfect fit for small control rooms, OTT workflows, rapidly-deployable disaster recovery, and sophisticated remote production workflows.

  • Everything for End-to-End News Production

    Access the latest weather data and easily organize informative presentations with WEATHER.. Curate social media content and easily present it in your PRIME graphics with SHOUT. Integrate your favorite data sources easily into your PRIME Branding graphics with Newsticker. Even automate your production with Commander.