House of Worship Use Case


Inspire. Connect. Grow.

You want to engage and enrich the lives of your community.

Houses of worship have always used the most inspiring art and technology to do just that. Years ago, that meant grand organs and beautiful stained glass. In modern worship facilities, it means utilizing the most up to date production technology to deliver compelling experiences. While the minister or speaker is at the podium and the musicians are on stage, there is important work behind the scenes too. We have the tools you need!

  • 1

    Display lyrics, scripture and other messages
    Play relevant video to screens of any size or shape, anywhere in your facility

  • 2

    Create exciting virtual sets to place the speaker in any place, at any time in history
    Display video on massive video walls

  • 3

    Stream online
    Engage with your community through social media aggregation

House of Worship Use Case

Key Features

  • Flexible, Scalable, Efficient

    All PRIME Production modules, including PRIME CG, PRIME Switcher and more are part of the PRIME Platform. Enable what you need, when you need it, and steward your resources as needed for multiple types of events.

  • Exciting Live Worship Experience

    It’s about supporting the message, bringing it to life with lights, sound and imagery. And it’s about involving everyone, with easily accessible lyrics, scripture and information. With PRIME CG’s high end design tools, create compelling graphics to play over live video or any background. PRIME CG easily integrates with data sources to auto- populate graphics with hymn lyrics, scripture, calendar events and more. PRIME can even drive Video Walls for large video displays at the back of the stage or anywhere in your facility.

  • Engage

    SHOUT is our social media aggregation tool. Participants in the live congregation or at home can submit prayer requests, comments, questions, poll responses on important issues and more. Specify a hashtag, use SHOUT to aggregate via the hashtag and tally responses or use them to populate graphics for display.

  • Involve Your Volunteers

    Click Effects PRIME lets even the most inexperienced volunteer compose content and drive it to any LED display in your facility. Send content to different screens or all screens at the same time, with a simple point and click.

  • Grow Beyond

    With PRIME Switcher, send any camera feed, any graphics or any pre-recorded content online or on air. Create life-like scenes with PRIME AR (augmented reality) or VSAR (virtual reality) to have your message appear from wherever you like, ancient Egypt to outer space to virtually anywhere.