Government Solution


Responsible governance depends on communication

Accessible information is a cornerstone of responsible governance. In many cases, it is even mandated by law. 

Chyron offers you the same reliable tools used by professional broadcasters to meet all requirements, keep your constituents informed, and do it all in a fiscally responsible manner.

  • 1

    Broadcast or live stream meetings
    Include constituents in the conversation

  • 2

    Display announcements
    Make informed emergency weather decisions

  • 3

    Reach your customers effectively
    and more...

Government Use Case

Key Features

  • Flexible, Scalable Production Platform

    The PRIME Platform puts broadcast-grade tools at your fingertips without a rack-room full of equipment. Enable the modules you need such as PRIME Switcher, PRIME CG, PRIME Branding on the platform when you need them. PRIME Platform is deployable via on-prem hardware or in the cloud, and offers flexible CapEx purchase or subscription plan options.

  • Meetings Done Right

    PRIME Switcher, with PRIME CG (titling and graphics) and Panels, allows you to easily select video sources and superimpose names and other information. Play everything on the air, online or record for archiving. The entire system can run with a single operator with minimal training.

  • Info Everywhere

    Send Text or video messages to LED screens in government buildings or public areas: announcements, calendar activities, emergency information and more. Link to any data source from government agencies, weather services, public health organizations, and more: feeds, databases, text files, XML files and more. Data automatically populates the graphics driven from PRIME CG or crawling “ticker” style text from PRIME Branding.

  • Engage Constituents

    Use our Social Media aggregator, SHOUT, to run hashtag polls, include comments in graphics displays and bring everyone into the conversation.

  • Even Weather!

    In an area impacted frequently by weather events? Keep constituents informed and make decisions with the latest from Metacast. Connect to weather data providers to easily build visual displays to keep everyone informed.