Corporate Use Case


Captivate and Convince All Stakeholders

In modern corporations, communication is key. Executives, HR, and marketing teams need to be able to create compelling pre-recorded and live content. Make your broadcasts look professional, with state-of-the art real time graphics and scalable production tools.

  • 1

    Internal Training
    Keynote Presentations
    Annual Meeting

  • 2

    Investor Relations
    Customer Messaging
    Global Team Meetings
    Product Releases

  • 3

    Video Press Releases
    Customer/Product Training
    Social Media Interaction
    And more

Corporate Use Case

Key Benefits

  • Flexible, Scalable, Complete System

    Create a complete professional broadcast workflow without a rack room full of servers. Our comprehensive PRIME Platform can include all the modules you need: PRIME Switcher, PRIME CG, PRIME Video Walls and more. Enable the components you need where you need them. PRIME Platform is deployable via on-prem hardware or in the cloud, and offers flexible CapEx or subscription purchase options.

  • Produce Broadcast-Grade Content

    Use PRIME Switcher to produce live content that looks as good as a professional broadcast without the need for skilled operators. Select a camera source, use effects and real time graphics, add clips and mix audio, all from a single, intuitive interface. With PRIME Switcher, your team can produce presentations and meetings from anywhere and broadcast them online, via closed circuit or on air.

  • Design Broadcast-Grade Motion Graphics

    With PRIME CG, your media department can create stunning visual overlays, from simple name or topic titles to complex, data-driven market analysis or corporate results. Convey any message, better, with on-brand graphics over your video.

  • Create Stunning On-Stage Presentations

    Are you ready to take your keynote or other presentations to the next level? Walk onstage with the best in broadcast behind you, literally. PRIME Video Walls populates LED displays of any size or dimension with HDR/4K video, graphics and data to bring your presentation to life. Add Chyron Shout, to let customers and stakeholders join the conversation with social media curation.

  • In-Office, In-Store or Online Messaging

    Use PRIME Branding to create up-to-the-minute messages from any data source. Populate LED displays or overlay your streaming video with scrolling text. Show sales results, daily messages, daily discounts, industry news or any other important information sourced automatically from RSS feeds, web feeds, Excel files, text files or any other data source.