Product Description

Social Content. Viewer Engagement

In a connected world, broadcast is no longer a one-way push. Viewers are eager to join the conversation. Instantly leverage social engagement to promote your brand and curate viewer generated content. 

With SHOUT, it’s simple to search, curate and play to air.

Key Features
  • Integration with PRIME CG or LyricX

    Design graphics templates with text objects that may be populated via SHOUT. Content selected via SHOUT’s moderation tools appears in the graphics, ready to play to air or online.

  • Works with Popular Social Applications

    SHOUT works with: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, RSS feeds Numerous social applications produce RSS feeds, which may be integrated with SHOUT.

  • Search - Aggregate - Moderate

    Search via search terms, users, hashtags, text within posts or exact user names. Filter entire posts or words not suitable for air. Select the posts you want to play.

  • Flexible UI

    The SHOUT user interface offers multi-user capabilities for collaborative work and supports many common languages.

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