House of Worship Production

Houses of worship have always used the most inspiring art and technology to grow and lead congregations. Years ago, that meant grand organs and beautiful stained glass. In modern worship facilities, it means utilizing the most up to date production technology to deliver compelling experiences. We have the tools you need!

  • Manage

    Display lyrics, scripture and other messages.
    Play relevant video to screens of any size or shape, anywhere in your facility.

  • Inspire

    Bring excitement to worshipers through compelling animated graphics, stunning large video walls, and even photorealistic virtual sets that place the speaker in any place, at any time in history.

  • Stream

    Easily stream from the PRIME Switcher. Ramp up the experience for viewers at home with broadcast grade streams including exciting visual overlays and automated informational displays.

Exciting Live Worship Experience

It’s about supporting the message, bringing it to life with lights, sound and imagery. And it’s about involving everyone. With PRIME CG’s high end design tools, create compelling graphics to play over live video or any background. PRIME CG easily integrates with data sources to auto- populate graphics with hymn lyrics, scripture, calendar events and more. PRIME can even drive Video Walls for large video displays at the back of the stage or anywhere in your facility.

Grow Beyond

With PRIME Switcher, send any camera feed, any graphics or any pre-recorded content online or on air. Create life-like scenes with PRIME AR (augmented reality) or VSAR (virtual reality) to have your message appear from wherever you like: ancient Egypt to outer space to virtually anywhere.

Involve Your Volunteers

Click Effects PRIME lets even the most inexperienced volunteer compose content and drive it to any LED display in your facility. Send content to different screens or all screens at the same time, with a simple point and click.


Even pastors or worship leaders can drive the production with PRIME Touchscreen and worshippers can personalize their experience with PRIME Edge through viewer controlled graphics.

Thought Leadership