Cloud-Native Live Production Platform

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How It Works

  • Video Sources

    Take your live video and send it too the Chyron Live production environment. Certain video formats are ready to send directly to the cloud, but some may require an inexpensive hardware encoder. For more info, see the Chyron LIVE Quick Start Guide. Or, fill in the form below and the Chyron team will get in touch to help you.

  • Graphics

    The Chyron LIVE production environment comes with broadcast grade graphics - name supers, lower thirds, scoreboards- and more. Or you can upload your own Chyron PRIME graphics, images and clips. We can even create bespoke graphics just for you. Fill in the form below and the Chyron team will get in touch to help you.

  • Learn

    Once you access the Chyron Live production environment, you can configure your video inputs and upload graphics and other assets. Within the environment, professional broadcast style production is easy and intuitive. We recommend that you spend an hour or two learning the production features on Chyron Academy.

  • Prepare

    To get started, fill in the form below. You will be contacted by your dedicated Chyron LIVE production manager. The Chyron team is ready to guide you as you prepare your video, upload graphical content and use the environment for the very first time.

  • Pay

    Chyron LIVE is available to you at an inexpensive hourly rate of $99.00 USD. Additionally, if you plan to upload content and want it to remain ready in the environment for regular use, there is a charge of $8.00 USD per day. Once you fill in the form below, your dedicated Chyron LIVE production manager can help you with billing and payment.

  • Produce

Please carefully fill in the form below to begin booking of your LIVE environment. Our team will be in touch shortly to confirm your booking.

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